47.6cm x 46.8cm

Acrylic paint, thread, linocut print

The Sun will Shine Again (Sold)

63.7 cm x 43.5 cm

Acrylic paint, linocut, collage, ink

💥 Sold 💥

Alternate reality

33.3cm x 47cm

Ink, bleach, pencil

Young At Heart

38 cm x 47 cm

Pencil colour, collage , material, charcoal, acrylic paint, lino print, cleaning products

Blood on the Leaves

34 cm x 42 cm

Pencil colour, collage, acrylic paint, lino print

Woman in Yellow Headwrap

34 cm x 44.9 cm

Acrylic paint

Sandy colored wooden frame and glass


39 cm x 47.5 cm

Pencil colour, collage , charcoal, acrylic paint, cleaning products

The Piscean

96 x 96 cm

Acrylic paint, collage, coffee, thread

White frame and in glass, transparent back and front, background takes the colour of the wall)


44 cm x 65 cm

Acrylic paint and pencil colour

Travelling to the Unconscious

42.2 cm x 42.9 cm

Pencil colour, collage, pen

‘Travelling to the Unconscious’ depicts the shadow self as a gateway to the collective unconscious. However, ignorance of this shadow part of oneself is a sort of bliss. The figure faces the patterns of color representing the safe and blissful confines of the ego. However, the white with the hard lines depicts the ego’s limit to realizing a greater Self. Thus, a freeing alternative is present in connecting with one’s shadow and the collective unconscious.

Pick Your Fighter (Sold)

46.7 x 48

Acrylic paint, collage, pencil colour, material