47.6cm x 46.8cm

Acrylic paint, thread, linocut print

R 5 000

The Sun will Shine Again

63.7 cm x 43.5 cm

Acrylic paint, linocut, collage, ink

R 2 000

Alternate reality

33.3cm x 47cm

Ink, bleach, pencil

R 300

Young At Heart

38 cm x 47 cm

Pencil colour, collage , material, charcoal, acrylic paint, lino print, cleaning products

R 2 000

Blood on the Leaves

34 cm x 42 cm

Pencil colour, collage, acrylic paint, lino print

R 2 000

Woman in Yellow Headwrap

34 cm x 44.9 cm

Acrylic paint

R 2 000

Sandy colored wooden frame and glass


39 cm x 47.5 cm

Pencil colour, collage , charcoal, acrylic paint, cleaning products

R 2 000

The Piscean

96 x 96 cm

Acrylic paint, collage, coffee, thread

R 12 000

White frame and in glass, transparent back and front, background takes the colour of the wall)


44 cm x 65 cm

Acrylic paint and pencil colour

R 3 000