Simthandile Lisakhanya Witbooi is a Cape Town-based mixed media artist. She predominantly creates acrylic paint and pencil colour portraits depicting people of colour in a diverse, contemporary and aesthetic light.

She visually captures each individual’s unique essence and style through an interlinked variety of textures, images, colours, collages and other forms of materiality.

These aim to reflect the complexity and multidimensionality that is often unseen and has been neglected in historical representations and modern interactions through the projection of implicit biases and stereotypes. 

She also experiments with other styles, media and ideas through separate collections, series and works.

39 cm x 47.5 cm


46.7 x 48 cm

Pick Your Fighter

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29.7 cm x 42 cm

The Earth, Wind, and Fire

44 cm x 65 cm


63.7 cm x 43.5 cm

The Sun will Shine Again

47.6cm x 46.8cm


38 cm x 47 cm

Young At Heart

42.2 cm x 42.9 cm

Travelling to the Unconscious

The ‘Eye See You’ collection


20.5 cm x 28.5 cm

A Burst of Flavor

96 cm x 96 cm

The Piscean

34 cm x 42 cm

Blood on the Leaves

‘The Last Supper’ series

Am I whole yet?

R 2 000


Email: simthandilecreates@gmail.com

Instagram: @simthandile_creates